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The Virtual Museum of Public Service allows you to explore digital representations of great works of visual art, film, video, and significant documentary artifacts that depict the largely unrecognized achievements and sacrifices of individuals in the public service.

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First Floor

Civic Architecture and Public Works (A-1)Public Service as a Profession (A-2)Philanthropy (A-3)Postal Service (A-4)Serving the Public in Elected Office (A-5)Timelines of Public Service (A-6)Emergency Management (B-1)Military Service (B-2)Protecting the Public's Interests (B-3)Public Safety and Law Enforcement (B-4)The Justice System (B-5)Environmental Protection (C-1)Public Health and Healthcare (C-2)Science in the Public Service (C-3)Civic Engagement (E-1)Public Education (E-2)Libraries (E-3)Nonprofit Organizations (E-4)Social Work and the Helping Professions (E-5)Diversity in the Public Service (D-1)Leadership for the Public Service (D-2)Motivation for the Public Service (D-3)Quiet Heroes and Innovators (D-4)Women in the Public Service (D-5)About VMPS

Second Floor

Delivering Public Services as Promised (F-1)Financing our Common Purposes (F-2)High Performing Public Organizations (F-3)International Public Service (F-4)Partnership Government (F-5)Public Models for the Private Sector (F-6)Public Service, Dangerous Service (F-7)Public Technologies for the Public Good (F-8)Special Exhibit (G-1)Special Exhibit (G-2)Government Through the Spoken Word (G-3)Films that Provide Insights on the Study of Public Administration (G-4)